orchids but not only, 12.may.2015

May 14th, 2015 Cosmin Manci

Having some things to do in Iasi but that asked for relatively little time we decided to take a short walk also to Bârnova forest to see an impressive orchid and maybe to take some photos too … done and done.

Reached there, found the place but because of the  wind we (me, my wife Gabriela and David) just wandered a little before starting to take photos and in this time David started to give some advice about how to take photos… David hope that you are content with results of your work 🙂 . Proof in the next photos taken by Gabriela with phone.

David showing what and how to photo :) up and down

Four species of orchids were found and few photos can be seen here. More photos can be seen at the page of each species, linked at each name.
Sword-leaved Helleborine – Cephalanthera longifolia

Cephalanthera longifolia Cephalanthera longifolia

An almost invisible orchid in the green of forest European Common Twayblade – Neottia ovata (=Listera ovata)

Neottia ovata Neottia ovata

The Lady Orchid – Orchis purpurea … a species that I have found a lot this year in the area but not seen it until now !!!

Orchis purpurea Orchis purpurea

And last one, target of the day the only one, the amazing one … Lady’s-slipper Orchid – Cypripedium calceolus !!!!!

Cypripedium calceolus Cypripedium calceolus

Off course that also looked after some insects but in that small amount of time not much to be found but still, a nice female of Saturnia pyri was on a branch and an anthribid, Platystomos albinus on a tree.

Saturnia pyri Platystomos albinus

That is all for now !!!

forest, steppe, anthropic areas – 11.may.2015

May 12th, 2015 Cosmin Manci

Yesterday, 11.may.2015, my wife took me, Alexandru and Roxana with the car and left us in the forest and from there to return at home on foot … in total cca 12 km of walking… see track from GoogleEarth.

track from 11.may.2015

All nice, in the forest, not very strong wind, relatively warm and looked to be more warm… even hot. And after around 20 minutes when the first opportunity to take some photo arrived mounted the tripod, set everything, click and … no memory card !!!!! 🙁 Made a day of gym with almost 10 kilograms of useless photo equipment… not my plans 🙁 .

Because found some nice subjects and without the possibility of doing photo there decided to take them at home and to take later photos… here are some of the photos taken.

Some Lepidoptera, not only adults 🙂 . Maybe someone can help to properly ID the tortricid species and those larvae? The Coenonympha larva is likely Coenonympha pamphilus, the only species that I have seen around for now, so maybe is possible to have a conformation/or not of that.

Phlogophora meticulosa Macrothylacia rubi, eggs Olethreutes sp. Eupsilia transversa Coenonympha sp.

And some Coleoptera, this time all member of Buprestidae family. Not yet properly identified the Trachys and Dicerca specimens, will come back on them or maybe somebody better than me can offer a faster name 🙂 . Trachys was collected on Fragaria si probably it is Trachys fragariae.

Dicerca berolinensis Trachys sp. Perotis lugubris Capnodis tenebrionis

Thanks to: Nikola Rahme – Hungary for the name of Dicerca species, Carol Bere – Romania for the name of the Noctuidae larva …

That is all 🙂 !!!

another day near house, 4.may.2015

May 5th, 2015 Cosmin Manci

Ended (just a way to say … never will end with work here 🙂 ) with home things and decided one more time (for sure will be many more times 🙂 ) to do another trip in the forest near house (this time I checked and is something like 5 km away from house)… you can see on the “map” where I have been (blue line).


This time I have used only the gear 7D with Sigma 150 and a lot the tripod (sorry for quality … from phone). Flash in general was used just as a fill and because of the wind (even if not strong) a big procent of photos headed in recycle bib direction.

4.may.2015, setup

Here it is what I got … still the flash light is too strong 🙁 … need to do more experiments and tryouts.

Some plants … a name for Asparagus species is appreciated (got it, Asparagus tenuifolius, thanks Paul). Finding here Orchis purpurea was amazing for me, maybe will reach the place again in 2-3 days so I can make some in full bloom photos. And flowers of warted spindle tree even if small are very nice.

Asparagus tenuifolius Allium ursinum Convallaria majalis Orchis purpurea Euonymus verrucosus

And some invertebrates …

Misumenops tricuspidatus Agapanthia sp. Rhagium sycophanta Elateridae sp Cantharis rustica Platycerus caraboides Coraeus marginatus Eysarcoris fabricii Pyrgus malvae Erynnis tages Anthocharis cardamines Cauchas rufimitrella Tanyptera atrata

And for ending … a nice female of Lacerta viridis.

Lacerta viridis

Like always I’m more than happy to receive name for what I have photographed and is not named yet or named wrongly.

Thanks to: Pjotr Oosterbroek for the name of the tipulid (Tanyptera atrata), Fabrizio Fanti for Cantharis rustica, Paul-Marian Szatmari for Asparagus tenuifolius, …

sfârșit de mai la Valea lui David

June 8th, 2011 Cosmin Manci

Mi-am cam făcut un obicei ca din când în când să ajung pe la Valea lui David, rezervație cu profil botanic aflată la vest de Iași. Circa 50 de hectare de stepă, circa 500 de specii de plante… și nu se știe aproape nimic despre fauna de acolo.

Eu ca de obicei am mers după faună dar nu am prea găsit insecte (anul acesta este extrem de ciudat) 🙁 .  În schimb vegetația este extrem de dezvoltată pentru acest moment al anului. Oricum nu am stat prea mult pentru că era și foarte cald, și foarte vântos iar eu ca un deștept ce sunt nu mi-am luat Claritin-ul la mine… cred că cel puțin unii știu despre ce vorbesc. Am făcut câteva fotografii la unele plante… și la unele insecte și gata… pentru altă dată.

Cred că e plictisitor cu atâtea cuvinte așa că dau drumu la fotografii (toate făcute în 29.mai.2011).

Cam așa arată locul văzut din sudul rezervației (circa 1 km în lungime și circa 500 m spre deal)… știu că din unghiul ăsta lățimea pare mai mare decât lungimea 😉 .

Câteva din plantele fotografiate, mai multe imagini la fiecare specie de aici pe situl dedicat lor… nu trebuie să căutați voi că pun eu link 😉 .

Echium russicum

Anchusa barrellieri

Cerinthe minor

Linum hirsutum

Și niște insecte ca să nu se spună că m-am dus chiar pe degeaba acolo 🙂 .

Protaetia ungarica

Dicranura ulmi

Revin, poate că mâine, cu câteva imagini din Țarcu… la început de iunie.

pe la pădure, pe lângă Iași

June 5th, 2011 Cosmin Manci

Săptămână trecută am fost la vânătoare de gândaci în Pădurea Bârnova aflată la sud de Iași. Am umblat atât în pădure dar mai ales “am pierdut timpul” într-o tăietură. Dacă nu știați un astfel de loc este cel mai potrivit pentru a vedea ce insecte xilofile există prin zonă.

Cam așa arată locul în care mi-am făcut cel mai mult de lucru:

Câteva specii observate…

Morimus funereus

Cerambyx scopolii, o specie foarte frecventă

Mesosa curculionoides

Câteva Buprestidae (“jewel beetle”), Lamprodila rutilans fiind o adevărată bijuterie

Și ca încheiere o plantă  🙂 … Paris quadrifolia