near home – 2.may.2015

At a point I needed to restart writing here so here it is.

Yesterday done a short walk out mainly with the aim to test a diffuser for photos taken in nature … preparing for Morocco expedition and there I can’t go on trying (maybe it is only chance for me to go there, even I hope to repeat the experience later).

Even if the weather was bad … light rain … all (me, wife and baby) in car so we can get closer to the forest faster.

We started with a walk in the forest but only few subjects found and in those condition made first in nature shots with the new setup. For this was used Canon MP-E and more or less also the tripod. First photo taken was just a ghost 🙂 . And after that unsuccessful one next ones were better but I still find the shadows there too strong … will have to solve that somehow.

Orsodacne sp., Comarna (IS), 2.may.2015 Curculio sp., Comarna (IS), 2.may.2015 Pyrrhocoris apterus, Comarna (IS), 2.may.2015 Pyrrhocoris apterus Aranaeus sp. Oedemera sp. Anthaxia signaticollis Cantharidae sp. Volinus sticticus Gastrophysa viridula Sitophilus sp.

All next photos were done using Sigma 150 mm lens and tripod, time used for photos was too long to do it from hand, not enough natural light.
I was amaze of sleeping position of Erynnis tages, so much that when found first specimen believed that is a dead one and I looked for the guilty spider and on my surprise the butterfly just got a normal position and was on wing, slowly because of temperature but on wings.

Erynnis tages Erynnis tages Erynnis tages

In fact all butterflies seen except few specimens of Leptidea sinapis (probably), were on sleep position waiting for better weather and higher temperature/sun. But I was content to find also a male of Zerynthia polyxena, species that was on my target for the day.

Zerynthia polyxena Zerynthia polyxena Boloria dia Boloria dia Boloria dia Boloria dia

To see the difference (specially for a bad use of flash), natural light and full-flash see this photo, no modification at all, just converted from RAW, made one from two and resize for posting here:

Erynnis tages, flash/no flash

Don’t bother too much with colors, in the end is more or less the same one but saturated or unsaturated one, but see the background and strong shadow on the one with flash.

– more tests needed
– I need a small flash light to light the specimens, very hard to focus on something with Canon MP-E
– more tests needed 🙂

PS – any help with identification is welcome

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  1. Gabriela Says:
    May 3rd, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    You are too hard on yourself! Good to see a new post. Maybe I should do the same…
    I think any new device needs plenty of work before you can master it. this is why I prefer still to use my old camera (it is a good one).
    Any way…let baby and me know when you want next trip in the woods to be…baby likes it 😛

  2. now? 🙂

  3. Gabriela Says:
    May 3rd, 2015 at 1:50 pm


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