9.april.2022 – with light in the forest

April 11th, 2022 Cosmin Manci

In day time I was busy with monitoring of bird migration and with the night being warm decided to light a lamp to see what is flying (first night with light in the wild for this year).

Not much arrived but got few species:

For some species more photos can be seen on “species” page.

  1. Dyseriocrania subpurpurella
  2. Saturnia (Eudia) pavoniella
  3. Lycia hirtaria
  4. Ligdia adustata
  5. Cyclophora sp.
  6. Biston strataria
  7. Phyllodesma ilicifolia
  8. Dicranura ulmi
  9. Polyploca ridens
  10. Asphalia ruficollis
  11. Egira conspicillari
  12. Acronicta (Viminia) rumicis
  13. Orthosia (Semiophora) gothica
  14. Orthosia (Monima) cerasi
  15. Valeria oleagina

Few more species were at light but in bad shape so no photo of them.