orchids, orchids…

February 28th, 2010 Cosmin Manci

Hi people…

Will write this in English specially because will be more scientifically orientated, have some question regarding some orchids and will be easier to show them in this way.

So… as an introduction… this days (more exactly in 25 and 27 February) checked what orchids are out. A nice surprise… quite a few of them (around 10 species in flower) where found in an area of something like 300×100 m. Lets start with the presentation.

Himantoglossum robertianum, a common species this days even if here found the species only in two exemplars.

Now with some more serious species, the next groups will be noted with Ophrys 1, 2, 3… as were named when saving them.

Ophrys 1 I will say will be near/or something from Ophrys schlechteriana / Ophrys attica / Ophrys umbilicata even if after the sepal color is more likely to be O.schlechteriana. Or maybe I’m completely wrong… anyway I need help.

Ophrys 3 I will say that is from the same group

Oprhys 6 again from the same group

Ophrys 7 same, even if to me the flowers looks somehow different, sepals are strongly reflexed and labium is more elongate, also the leaves I will say that are not the same.

A hybrid ??? between some of the species (schlechteriana/attica/umbilicata and O.villosa) or again I’m completely wrong?

Ophrys 2 is Ophrys ferrum-equinum or somewhere close

Ophrys 4 is from the same group with the previous one but the sepals are pink-violet and the flower as general look somehow different

Ophrys 10 from the same group, almost like Ophrys 4 but the leaves are completely different.

Ophrys 5 from a completely different group (fusca ??) but don’t know exactly where to put this one (only two plants found) … O.perpusilla / O.leucadica / O.cressa … heeeeeeeeelp.

And the only exemplar that I have found of Ophrys iricolor.

All this are Ophrys sicula or also O.phryganae and/or O.lutea. After villosa/tenthredinifera this was the most common species in the area. A selection of plants… from some plants only a macro on flower is presented.

Just checking Delforge book and what I have known that will be Ophrys tenthredinifera is after the book O.villosa, how will be correct? All this are the same? Some have sepals very long and reflexed, this are pink or greenish, the label is brown or almost yellow… This was the most frequent species here, a selection of photos here, from some specimens only a macro on flowers here.

Also an Orchis found in flower, Orchis papilionacea, the only specimen found.

If you are in  Athens at the beginning of march and want to see some orchids just let me know and I will help.

If there are any comments on the unidentified orchids please let me know here at comments or write me here.