going out with MP-E

January 2nd, 2016 Cosmin Manci

Going out and taking photos with the lens Canon EOS MP-E 65 is not the easiest thing to do. And to have good results you need to have good light (light that usually come from a flash). No problem to put a flash there and just push a button but normally you get something burnt, or something with a very strong shadow. My quest (and everyone else) was to have a easier to use diffuser in the field, probably tried until now at least 20 recipes and without very good results. Browsing the internet you can find a tons of variants of diffuser mainly builded around the flash solution you have. As I’m limited economically used one of the cheapest flash from Canon. But I will say is a great one, very small and very, and with enough power to put light on your subject (in fact is a flash unit used by many many photographers). The thing that I don’t like is the very slow recharging rate. But one day MT-EX24 will be mine 🙂 and will change everything .

Soon I will do a dream trip now I decided that is the moment to do something as there will not be the moment to just try, time is short and for sure a lot of subject will be there.

This is the prototype of diffuser that ended today and the 6 photos that I have done out before freezing myself.